Whinge Wars Online

Expansion pack!

A 'Whinge Wars - Stamford School' expansion is currently being developed. It will feature new classes, items and missions for higher-level players 

We're on Wikipedia

There is now a Whinge wars wikipedia article. it is available at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whinge_wars

Whinge Wars vs Saddos

Unfortunately the Whinge Wars wikipedia article is being repeatedly harassed by picky wikipedia editors who want to delete it for a variety of reasons. Please go on the article and contest the deletion. Let's beat those nerds! 

Dougy D's new game - Fighting Fantasy

Douglas Douglas has made a game called Fighting Fantasy. Although from the name and the reputation of the maker you may not think this game sounds good, it is actually quite good and well worth playing. Talk to Douglas for more details.

Rigby's website - Savaged by a Honey Badger

Riggs is making his own website. I'm not completely sure what's going to be on it, but it could be worth checking it out. However, it may not be published yet. I believe it can be found at www.savagedbyahoneybadger.weebly.com

Peace - For Now?

For the moment the 'WikiNerds' seem to have left off trying to delete the Whinge Wars article. Hopefully this will last.